Recovery Camp and the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports people who live with an ongoing or significant disability and their carers and families.

Recovery Camp is an award-winning, therapeutic recreation experience that has been empowering people and changing lives since 2013.

Recovery Camp is a validated program. It will provide you with unique and fun opportunities to realise your strengths, and your contribution to the recovery of others.

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How does it work?

Recovery Camp is an innovative community experience. People with permanent or significant disability, and health staff spend a week at an adventure camp, doing outdoors activities in the beautiful Australian bush. Together, they participate in a therapeutic, recovery-oriented activities program that facilitates interaction and individual growth.

The main focus of Recovery Camp is community participation and therapeutic support.

Challenge By Choice Experiences

  • You are supported to engage in experiences, such as rock-wall climbing, high ropes courses and problem solving activities. All these activities are ‘challenge by choice’ – you choose how much you challenge yourself (you don't have to climb the rock wall, but you can be a great support to others). These experiences promote teamwork, positive interactions and individual and group development.

Social Interactions

  • Connecting with others throughout camp is an integral aspect. You will be supported at camp to socially connect with others through experiences such as a bush dance, trivia night and conversations around the campfire.

Physical Activity

  • Recovery Camp provides a variety of physical and leisure activities such as bush walking, yoga and other fun recreational sports.


  • The ability to express oneself is facilitated through a variety of creativity sessions such as art and tie-dye. In addition, participants make a meaningful impact on the recovery of themselves and others through the sharing of their stories.


Contact us to talk about how Recovery Camp can be a part of your NDIS plan.

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