“My first camp in May 2019 was the warm-up to discovering supplementary wellness strategies.

It’s not the anxiety of climbing up tall ladders, or then the fear and excitement of swinging off platform, down the flying-fox line, or hesitating to go in the river, or the super yummy meals, but also the connectivity and support of a Recovery Camp program that has instilled “trust” drops of empowerment magic.  A professional may call it support and resilience rebuilding.

In April 2020 lockdown restrictions, and social-distancing, retarded my wellness journey. I’m so happy to be back at camp in 2021. I notice my listening was sharper. Brain injury n traumatic events had affected my hearing too.

Realizing my own benefits, I suggest Recovery Camp, lived-experiences route to wellness and my healing process

Thank you”

Jenny, 2021

Expert by Living Experience