Person with lived experience: Crissy

I am a 61-year-old woman. I am a survivor of multiple trauma experience which has been extremely challenging throughout my life. In my past, I’ve basically been alone as it felt safe and secure – I’ve isolated many times to a point that it became dangerous.

My support people invited me to this camp. At first, I was extremely hesitant about coming to meet with people I have never met. I was completely used to being alone always. But, I thought of my recovery and putting myself out of my comfort zone would help me grow stronger and more confident.

When I arrived at the camp, I was quite a bit scared –
worried – because of the number of consumers around the camp. Now being here
for a few days, I’m learning to put more trust in people, I feel more confident
and safer. I feel my journey in recovery at this camp - that I have made 10
steps forward and no steps backward, which is a huge improvement in my life.

At the beginning, the students and consumers are placed in
groups and all the activities are spent together as one. The activities build
trust, I made new friends. Being here has taught me strategies to help me with
my recovery at home. The camp has brought forward some of my strengths from
within – it has improved my everyday lifestyle which I’ll never let go of.

The nursing staff and YMCA staff and facilitators are awesome and understanding and caring. I have no words  – this has forever touched my heart.

I’m forever grateful for the time spent at Recovery Camp.

I’ll be back with my recovery family soon.

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