RN facilitator: Anita

I currently work as a Registered Nurse in the mental health setting. At times mental health nursing can be challenging, however, it can also be very rewarding. In my daily practice I care for consumers who are experiencing mental illness; varying from acutely unwell through to those consumers transitioning back into the community. I frequently hear and see things that challenge my own personal values, safety, and professional ethics. Having the opportunity to attend Recovery Camp allows me to reevaluate my professional practice standards to ensure I am providing the highest level of care to all consumers at all stages of their recovery journey.

Spending time with consumers at Recovery Camp, hearing their stories and seeing the benefits that they get out of sharing their experiences and their journey with students and facilitators is so rewarding. I literally leave recovery camp with more passion than I started with, and I am already very passionate about mental health. Speaking to consumers in this environment, hearing their lived experience, hearing their journeys and most importantly hearing about how I can be a better nurse, especially during an acutely unwell episode, allows me to reflect and learn directly from the very people who have the most experience with their mental illness.

Being able to facilitate at Recovery Camp allows me to share my passion, knowledge, and understanding of mental health nursing with our future Registered Nurses. While maintaining my professional practice I am able to provide insight and awareness of mental health nursing to students. During this very important phase of their learning, I am able to facilitate learning opportunities that increase their competency and confidence when caring for individuals experiencing mental illness. As a Registered Nurse, having the opportunity to facilitate in a safe and supportive environment, such as Recovery Camp, I am able to actively engage with students, answer questions, provide timely feedback, and provide guidance that ensures students gain the most out of this learning opportunity.

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