Student: Anthea

Anthea is a nursing student from the University of New England who attended Recovery Camp in January, 2020.

When the opportunity arose for a 5-day placement for mental health at a camp, the idea of a shorter time away from my family was appealing, but I had hesitation. A million images raced through my mind.

I was concerned about interacting with consumers. Would I say or do the wrong thing, would I upset people? I did not expect to initiate a conversation that would reveal the deepest, darkest days of their lives.

From the moment arriving, I have not regretted it. All the
people at the camp were open, accepting and respectful. Hours upon hours
talking, listening felt like minutes.

This camp has provided me with so much lived experience that could not be conveyed in a classroom. It strengthens my knowledge and puts it into practice. Any misconceptions, hesitations or stigma I had, has completely erased. I could not recommend this camp enough.

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