Student: Manju

Manju is a nursing student from Charles Sturt University who attended Recovery Camp in April 2021 at Borambola.

“At Recovery Camp, I got a unique experience witnessing mental health therapies. I learned the importance of active listening and empathy while dealing with consumers. Students interacted directly with consumers, participated in active learning activities, had meals together with clients. All staff are very cooperative and experienced. They helped students and clients, in all circumstances. Students got chances to sit with consumers and build a good rapport. An open and welcoming environment encouraged consumers to share their lived experiences. A couple of consumers were anxious and considering going home back home the first day, however, after spending a day, they changed their minds and enjoyed the camp. I did not see any escalated behaviour of any consumers.

I learned how to solve challenges through active learning activities at Recovery Camp. Thank you very much all staff.”

Manju, 2021

Student Nurse

Manju Testimonial Author

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